Every Knee Shall Bow

Re-released in 2002 as Ruby Ridge.

"A stunning job of reporting." NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

"The most comprehensive, even-handed and best-written account of Ruby Ridge ... Mr. Walter writes with fluency and grace." WASHINGTON TIMES

"The definitive book on the Ruby Ridge siege." NEW YORK POST

"An excellent, well-written and important book that should be required reading in every civics class in the country." DES MOINES REGISTER

"Working from hundreds of pages of official documents and having culled the personal recollections of many of those actually involved, Walter has constructed a book that rivals any work of its kind." SPOKANE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW

"Flowing, gripping, logically organized and rich in detail ... a story so tragic it's redolent of Shakespeare." GANNETT WIRE SERVICE

"Tightly reported ... an even-handed narrative that gathers speed as the Weavers' fate becomes more tangled and tragic ... An excellent, minute-by-minute account." OREGONIAN (Portland)

"Deeply critical of the government's actions and the seemingly mindless series of bureaucratic decisions that led to the deadly siege ... the power of Walter's book (is in bringing) the Weavers to life." SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"A meticulously researched account." PEOPLE

"A riveting, you-are-there story ... descriptive, solid reporting, colorful and meticulous ... Perhaps the most gripping part of Walter's work is the description of the siege itself. GRAND RAPIDS PRESS

"Remarkably complete ... Walter reconstructs the past with a novelist's attention to detail." SALT LAKE CITY TRIBUNE

"A compelling and poetic masterpiece and an important document of American history." NELSON DEMILLE

"Just to take a case as complicated and controversial as US v Weaver and dexplain it would have been enough. But Walter does more. His opening is so strong and his writing is so good ... Leaves us to draw our own conclusion about who was right and who was wrong on Ruby Ridge. FORT LAUDERDALE SUN-SENTINAL