Jess Walter

Named one of the Year's Best Novels by:
- Time
- New West
- Los Angeles Times
- Washington Post
- NPR's Fresh Air
- The Believer
- Arizona Republic
- Oregonian
- Salon
- Kansas City Star
- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Financial Lives of the Poets

released 2009

"Lifts off like a rocket ... This vigorous, engaging novel is one of the sharpest satires to come along in years." -- BOSTON GLOBE

"Darkly funny, surprisingly tender ... Walter ... has an abiding faith in the ability of human beings to be decent." -- LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Funny ... engaging ... a refreshing reminder that fiction remains a relevant, vital way to understand ourselves." -- (Portland) OREGONIAN

"A writer of uncommon talent ... (Walter) has packed "The Financial Lives of the Poets" with so much life and wry truth, all of it timely and topical." -- BLOOMBERG NEWS

"Wildly funny ... Jess Walter is a brilliant writer, one of the freshest new voices in American literature. His sentences snap with energy." -- DALLAS MORNING NEWS

"A deliciously antic tale of an American dream gone very sour ... sharp, wide-eyed, soulful ... a scathing indictment of our country's character and the 'ruined systems' we labor under." -- WASHINGTON POST

"The hero of Jess Walter's novel is like a stoned Humbert Humbert ... The funniest way-we-live-now book of the year.” -- TIME

"An apt and timely version of the current Great Recession ... dangerously astute." -- NEW YORK TIMES

“Compulsively readable ... and as beautifully written as anything you'll read this year.”--THE STRANGER (Seattle)

"Extremely funny ... very smart ... cleverly designed and immensely entertaining." -- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

"Compassionate, witty and drawn from today's heartless world, it's a terrific book." -- ARIZONA REPUBLIC

"Very funny ... Matt Prior is a terrific narrator, and Walter gives him nimble prose." -- MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL APPEAL

"The novel has warmth, and its protagonist emerges as a bourgeois Everyman of the downturn." -- THE NEW YORKER

"Hilarious and timely ... bitter, funny and accurate ... Jess Walter's buoyant voice is a fresh pleasure." -- NEW WEST

"Hilarious and tragic … Walter is one of the foremost American fiction writers." -- NOVA SCOTIA CHRONICLE HERALD


Story Collection
"So freakishly, fiendishly good it isn't fair." - Seattle Times
"A high-wire feat of bravura storytelling." NYT Book Review
"Brilliant--and brilliantly funny." -- Esquire
"A brilliant tour de force." Kirkus Reviews
"Immensely entertaining." Chicago Tribune
"Funny, philosophical and original." The London Times
"Riveting ... outstanding ... tremendous emotional impact." Washington Post Book World
"A stunning job of reporting." -- New York Times Book Review