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Citizen Vince

Jess Walter's book titled Citizen Vince won the Edgar Allan Poe award for Best Novel

"You have to read it ... Utterly inventive in tone and plot." -- WASHINGTON POST

  • Edgar Allan Poe Award Best Novel, 2005
  • Finalist ITW Thriller Award

"Refreshing ... For readers who appreciate wry precision and expert timing." -- NEW YORK TIMES


"Fresh and different--a gritty story of betrayal, an extended riff on life, death, and politics. Walter is a literary talent writ large." -- BOSTON GLOBE


"It's been a long time since I've read a book as compulsively, indeed greedily, as I read Citizen Vince. Here are characters who seem to live of their own volition, who talk out of a terrible inner need to make themselves known and understood, who reveal not just themselves but the yearning heart of our great flawed democracy." -- RICHARD RUSSO