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The Zero

"'The Zero' could end up as the 'Catch 22' of 9/11 ... (with) its brilliant ironies, its deadpan truths, its insider smarts and its everyguy hero ... (Walter) elevates 'The Zero' above mere satire to Kafkaesque parable." -- THE WALL STREET JOURNAL


  • National Book Award Finalist
  • PEN/USA Literary Fiction Finalist
  • LA Times Book Prize Finalist
  • Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award

"Walter is a gifted writer with unusual breadth. And among the already proliferating and formulaic body of film and fiction grappling with Sept. 11, 'The Zero' is a standout." -- SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
"Stunning and provocative ... exquisitely written ... 'The Zero' is by turns heartbreaking and deadpan funny." -- SEATTLE TIMES